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Built To Breed
Ransom Video presents "Built To Breed", starring A.J. Long, Alan Landon, Blue Bailey, Dean Santiago, Fillmore, Fyerfli, J.P. Felcher, Jake Wetmore, Joey Russo and Sage Daniels. These guys love sucking, fucking and taking a load off, in the mouth or in the ass! Nothing but 100% bareback fucking, ass rimming and cock throating action!

Scene #1 - Fyerfli and Blue Bailey
My bud Fyerfli was in town and the sparks flew when he and Blue Bailey met! These two Sexy guys flip flop fuck from here to there and then back again... (In fact these two broke the bed during their scene!) There is so much pitching and catching going on from both of these sexy guys, you'd think it was the world series of bareback porn and there was a title at stake. Blue Bailey really shines as a top and bottom in this scene, We had better watch out for this boy, he's the real deal clean cut nasty boy! Fyerfli returns, this time with more vibrantly colored body art work and his ever present mischievous irresistible smirk that gets many many boys in trouble! He is A professional sexaholic and these two dirty birds definitely flock together well in this Scene!

Scene #2 - Joey Russo and AJ Long
These Two Handsome Hung Guys were into each other from the second they met and I was more than willing to shoot them as they hooked up for the first time. These guys have great faces, great cocks and both of them have sexy naturally manly bodies. What I liked about their scene most is that Joey likes taking AJ's cock as much as AJ likes giving it. They are so genuinely into each other, that both of their cocks are hard as rocks the whole time and Joey leaks pre-cum throughout this scene and can't get enough of AJ's cock inside of him whether it's his ass or mouth.

Scene #3 - AJ Long and Alan Landon
I nicknamed this scene "Yellowbeard vs. Blackbeard" These Handsome Men each look great with their different colored beards. Both of these Hairy Manly Men go right for the prize in this one....and each of them have their own idea on what the prize will be. Alan's prize is obviously AJ's Big 'Ol Dick and Load while AJ's prize is a total sub slutty hairy holed bottom with an equally willing mouth to use for his own selfish pleasure. Lots of ATM in this scene!

Scene #4 - Sage Daniels, Jake Wetmore, Fillmore and Alan Landon
There's Alan again, doing what he loves best, being a total fuck hole cum whore, this time for a small group of 3 tops. Originally he was expected to play with Jake only that day. So when Sage and Fillmore, who were there watching, decided to get Alan warmed up for Jake and then never left, I was sure to get that camera in there and capture the good stuff only a few good men can deliver together. Alan is great at getting double penetrated and at being a total oral whore at the same time. He prides himself on trying to get as much cock in him as possible at all times from greedy tops. He has an Ass that is Built to Breed and I'm sure Alan will be even more popular at parties from now on, now that everyone knows how much he really likes to make guys bust their NUT in his gut.

Scene #5 - Sage Daniels, Dean Santiago and JP Felcher
This attractive group of three jocks get down and dirty with Dean being the Lucky Guy on Bottom. Sage takes on Dean's fuckhole while JP shoves his cock down Dean's throat. They all form a nice "Tri-Fuckta" each in tandem complimenting each other's actions, with JP's mouth really stealing the show. This guy is serious about his Mad Oral Skills.....Dick, Ass, Cum, he wants to taste as much Man as he possibly can at one time.
Approximate Running Time:1:55



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